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Wk Commencing 10th June - Keswick Residential/Phonics Week. Wed 12th - Gardening PM.

Class 4

Key Stage 2

During the topic Habitat and Heritage, children will have the opportunity to find out about some major historical events that influenced both the local area and further afield.


In English, pupils will be reading the classic novel, The Railway Children.  From this, they will produce character profiles, write letters and newspaper reports and go on to write their own modern-day version of a similar story.


Through History lessons, children will find out about how the first railways were developed and the key role that the North East of England had to play in this major historical event. They will go on to explore how and why the railway network grew and subsequently how and why some railways closed; focussing on the railway station in Tow Law.       

In Geography, children will investigate local land use and create a map of the local area using Google maps and satellite images. They will plan a geographical enquiry, setting their own question to answer.


Pupils will have opportunities to use computers and I-pads for research purposes throughout the topic and will learn how to use search technologies effectively and become more discerning when evaluating digital content.


In Science, children will be learning about how micro-organisms, plants, animals and invertebrates can be classified.


They will compare the work of various landscape artists in Art and go on to produce their own piece of landscape art based on the local area.


In DT,  the children will research different ‘on the go’ products to inform their own design plan and in French they will learn how to talk about the different places found in a typical town learning to ask questions in the target language.


The topic ‘Roundabout’ will be our focus in music lessons and the children will learn how some songs can be split into 2,3 and 4-part rounds, having the opportunity to perform such rounds themselves.


In PE, swimming lessons will continue up to October half term. The children will learn the Charleston in dance lessons and after half term will learn about how to move at speed and accuracy with a ball and safe and about effective tackling techniques.




In class four the children get their homework books on a Wednesday. They can choose an activity that they  would like to do and then return  the books on a Monday to be marked.


The children get spellings to learn on a Tuesday and their spelling test is on a Friday. All of the words they are tested on are taken from the KS2 National Curriculum Spelling Appendix.


The children should read their reading books to an adult every night and ask them to sign the reading diary. A  quiz  is taken to demonstrate an understanding of what has been read. We expect that they attain over 80% otherwise the book needs to be re-read. We read in class in comprehension lessons where children are required to infer and deduce information from the text they have read. We also read our termly class reader each week.


Children are also expected to learn their times tables and are tested on a weekly basis.


PE in the Autumn Term is on Monday and Friday (swimming); after half term swimming will cease and PE will be on Thursday. Children need to wear a PE kit and plimsolls and take earrings out  at home. Weather permitting, we will do PE outside so children may bring in a black or dark blue tracksuit to wear also.


If you have any questions or queries please come and speak to Mrs Williams or make an appointment after school. Thank you