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Meet The Governors

Welcome to our Governors' section.

Governing Body


The Governing Body is made up of representatives of the staff, parents and the Catholic community, and also the LA.    They are all volunteers who give up their free time to make the sure the school is managed effectively and to the benefit of the children.  The governors have various legal responsibilities and duties, the school budget and health and safety.   They help to set and monitor the school philosophy and policies.   Governors do not make detailed day to day decisions about the running of the school.   This is the role of the Headteacher supported by the staff.



Mrs Elizabeth McGurk           Chair of Governors                                    

Mr John Flynn                        Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs Sharon McQuiggin          Headteacher                             

Rev Fr J. Clohosey                    Foundation Governor                                

Mrs. Margaret Rooney           Foundation Governor

Mr Colin Hardy                      Foundation Governor                                 

Miss Deborah Suddes            Foundation Governor

Mrs Maureen Wilson             Foundation Governor                                  

Miss Jenna Ellison                 Staff Governor                                            

Mrs. Kathryn Coatsworth      Parent Governor                                        

Mrs. Gemma Dobson             Parent Governor                                        

Mr. Jeffrey Gale                     Representative of Minor Local Authority        


Mrs. Diane Pattison               Clerk to the Governors    

Governing Body Committee Structure
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