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Rocks and Soils

I can name one or two rocks. 

I can identify where they are found.

I can identify some rocks eg marble, granite, slate and explain why they are used for a particular purpose eg slate for a roof

I can relate the use of particular rocks to their characteristics and explain why they are used eg that granite is often used for steps to buildings because it doesn’t wear away easily, that marble is used because it is attractive to look at

I can explain why I can’t see the rock in some pictures eg by saying because it is covered with soil or buildings

I can explain why a test was unfair and describe what should have been done

I can make careful measurements of  time and volume

I can explain my results eg by saying that the water went through the sandy soil most quickly because there were bigger spaces which let the water through

I can explain how to make a fair test in my work with rocks and soils.