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Goodbye and Good Luck to our Year 6 Leavers, we wish you all well! - A reminder that school opens Weds 4th Sept 2019 - 8.00 am Breakfast Club - 8.30 am Activity Club - KS 2 TAG Rugby After School Club to begin Thurs 12th Sept 3.15-4.15 - KS 2 Tag Rugby League [Team of 7] to run 4.00 - 5.00 pm from 18th Sept until 9th Oct 2019 at Wolsingham Comp - If you are interested in taking part in either of these activities please let the school office know. I

All About Us

Blessed John Duckett RC Primary School

Blessed John Duckett School was opened on 6th May 1988.

It replaced the old school of St. Joseph's in Tow Law, which dated back over 100 years and St Thomas's in Wolsingham.


In order to retain the link between the two towns, the school was named after one of the English martyrs, who was captured at the top of Redgate Bank, near Wolsingham.


Click on John Duckett to find out more about him

Tow Law is situated in the west of County Durham and is its highest town, being more than 1000 feet above sea level.

We are a small but happy community and have outstanding views of the Deerness and Wear valleys.


In 1998, the school celebrated its 10th Birthday.  The children designed a commemorative plate which was then made and presented to us by a local potter.



For our 20th birthday celebrations in 2008, we had a May Day garden party.

We planted a tree to commemorate the occasion.






2013 was our 25th Anniversary.  We had a whole week of celebrations beginning with a pilgrimage to the John Duckett Cross.  











Moving forward together