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An Island Home

Unit 3. An Island Home

Key Questions


Suggested resources

Where is Struay and what is it like?

Search internet for Web camera of Coll Photographs from internet

Tourist Guide to the Hebridean Isle of Coll – aerial photos
Use OS CDs/ website to show  area.  (old maps also available)

Pictures of Coll from listed websites
Use atlas to locate Coll and look at various maps 
Factsheet 1

Powerpoint 1 - Where is Katie Morag set? Documents/Coll%20-%20Struay%202.ppt

What type of transport is used to get to, and move around, Struay?

Caledonian MacBryne

Timetable for ferry to Coll

List transport
Bike, tractor, boat, walking, lorry, van, ferry
Make a list on Word processor , display as a table

Who lives on Struay and what work do they do?

Tamara Hedderwick Email authors daughter who owns Coll Ceramics
Email Coll Magazine for current local news, ferries etc.

Draw a family tree…of characters  and jobs
Matching activities
How is Struay similar to, and different from, our locality? Isle of Coll - The Internet Guide to Scotland
List differences and similarities on Clicker Grids/Word document
What do I like and dislike about Struay? Would I like to live there?  

Make a list on Word processor , display as a table
Make a simple brochure of Struay [More able]
Using a Word Processor, label diagram using text boxes. Create headings in a different font.


Karit Morag - The Isle of Struay
Katie Morag – A New Pier

Mairi Hedderwick – A questionnaire