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Class 2

During Autumn Term our topic is Dig, Dig, Dig!.


We will delve into our topic of ‘Dig, dig, dig’ with a link to our community project about landscape, nature and sheep farming.


In English we will write non chronological reports and make our own information books around the theme of animals that live underground. We will also write our own narratives and poems about farm life and dinosaurs.

In Maths we will begin to secure our understanding of place value, counting and numbers. In our independent learning we will weigh and measure vegetables, sort animals into groups and make pictograms and block charts about farm animals.

In History, we will learn about artefacts from the past with a particular interest in the kitchen and household objects. We will hear first-hand from significant people in our lives who have had experience of objects used beyond our living memory. We will compare them with today’s items and see how much they have changed. 

In Geography, we will discover all about our place. We will use maps to find where Tow Law is located in the UK and which continent we live in. We will create messy maps and make labels of the seas, continents and some major countries.

In Science, we will be looking at different animals including humans. We will be able to identify different parts and explain their function. We will be able to classify different animals by their features and think carefully about the differences and similarities between them.

In DT, we will be designing and making tractors. We will investigate how to make wheels move using axels. We will think carefully about the design and the structure of our tractors.

In Art, we will learn which colours are primary and secondary. We will discover how to mix colours to make others. We will look at paintings by different artists and then use our knowledge to produce a farming painting, using different shades.

In Computing, we will be using Ipads to create animations of the nursery rhyme ‘Old McDonald had a farm’. We will take photographs and add sound to make our animations come alive!!

In PE we will begin the year by developing throwing and catching skills and applying these to playing piggy in the middle. We will learn to compose and perform a sequence of movements in gymnastics.

In Music children will create rhythm patterns based on words and phrases, and use beat and rhythm to create an accompaniment for a song. We will also sing songs about farm animals and add our own actions to them.

Hamsterley Forest



In class two we get our homework books on a Wednesday. We can choose an activity that we would like to do and then return our books on a Monday to be marked and shown to our friends.


We get spellings to learn on a Friday, we should return our spelling book to school the following Friday before the spelling test. All of the words we are tested on are from our phonics and GPS lesson that week.


We should read our reading books to an adult every night and ask them to sign our reading diary. Diaries are looked at in school three times a week and books are changed when necessary. Some of us take a quiz to show that we understand what we have read. We read in class throughout the week sometimes using a different scheme to those we bring home, this helps to challenge our reading and develop our understanding of key words and information.


PE in the Autumn Term is on Monday and Thursday. We need to wear a PE kit and plimsolls and take our earrings out ourselves or at home. Weather permitting, we will do PE outside so we may bring in a black or dark blue tracksuit to wear also. Year 2 will go swimming on a Friday morning. 


If you have any questions or queries please come and speak to Miss Ellison or make an appointment after school. Thank you