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Class 3


In the topic Time Traveller our class will focus on studying the Ancient Egyptians by delving into the adventure story, ‘The Spitting Cobra’ by Gill Harvey. Through our literacy studies we will come to appreciate the Egyptian way of life. This exciting story and its backdrop will form a springboard for creative and non fiction writing for the children as we explore a wide variety of genres such as diary and letter writing, recounts and newspaper articles and the creation of our very own adventure stories set in Ancient Egypt.


Along side this literary journey we will develop an awareness of some of the significant historical events of this era creating our own written narratives as we develop our understanding of various methods of historical enquiry.


In Geography we will further develop our locational knowledge and map work skills finding out where Egypt is in relation to the UK. We will begin to use key geographical terminology to describe location and compare the climate of Egypt to that of the UK by analysing and interpreting weather data.

In Art we will explore ways in which detail can be added to drawings as we develop our ability to draw for sustained periods of time and we will experiment with different painting techniques and colour washes.


In DT we will design and produce a moving toy inspired by our favourite Egyptian god or goddess and during our French lessons we will learn how to greet each other, count and identify colours in the target language through songs, games rhymes and role play. A study of world music will focus on Africa and Egypt and we will learn about African drumming, songs and rhythm.


Our Science topic will be ‘Plants’ and children will undertake several investigations and experiments to Identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants and explore the requirements of plants for life and growth.