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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Miss Watkins is our teacher. Here is some information about our week and what we need to remember. 


We need to return our homework folder to school on a Friday. Please do not return it any other day. This folder contains our weekly spelling practise, times table practise, our reading book and our homework book. It will be given out again on a Monday.


PE is on a Wednesday afternoon. We come to school wearing our PE kit. We wear blue joggers, a red polo shirt and a blue sweatshirt (with no hood). On warm days, we can come to school wearing shorts underneath our joggers so shorts can be worn for PE. 


We have a spelling test on a Friday. We work hard at home and at school to learn these each week. We get new spellings for the week on the following Monday. We also have a times table test on a Friday which we must work hard to practise. We like listening to BBC Supermovers songs in class to help us learn our times tables. These can be accessed at home too by searching online for "BBC Supermovers". 


If you have any questions or queries about Class 3 or your child, please feel free ring the office to arrange an appointment to speak to Miss Watkins. 



Mrs Gaye is our teacher. Here is some information about our week and what we need to remember. 



We need tonhand homework in on a Monday. It will be given out again on Wednesday.


PE is on a Tuesday afternoon. We keep our PE kits in school so we don’t forget them


On Wednesday we have forest school so we need to remember wellies and outdoor clothing to change into especially in the winter months.  


We also have a spelling test on Wednesday. We get new spellings for the week after given out on a Thursday.


On Thursday we have our times table test which we must work hard to practise. We all want times table hands on our tree! 


On Fridays we have PE again. This term we are swimming so we need to remember our swimming kit. 



Boudicca’s Rebellion

We have been learning about the Romans this half term. We studied the inspirational women, Boudicca who lead a rebellion against the Romans after they tried to take her land. We re-enacted The Battle of Colchester, her first victory. 

Boudicca’s Rallying Speech

We wrote speeches that Boudicca might have said to her Icini tribe before they charged into battle. 

Whispering Woods Celebration Assembly

Today we told the rest of our school all about the lovely work we have done through the Whispering Woods project. We got to listen to our soundscape for the first time.


’I wish we could do the project again. My favourite bit was doing the recording at Hamsterly Forest. I’ve learnt lots of bird’s names like blue tit, blackbird, robins, owls and woodpeckers.’ Gracie

Whispering Woods Project

We are taking part in a community project called Whispering Woods where we are looking at habitats of our local area and comparing it to that of Hamsteley Forest. We will also compare the wildlife we see today with that of the past. Is there any difference? Why might there be a difference?


Today we looked at habitats and where small animals might live. We made our own little habitats for our toy animal. We thought about where our particular animal might like to live and why. 

Finding the bedrock of Tow Law

We carried out a rock survey today to find out what the bedrock of Tow Law is. We looked at old buildings such as houses and the church. We found the rock they were made of was crumbly, and grainy. It was a sandy colour and we found evidence that it eroded easily. We think the bedrock of Tow Law is sandstone, a sedimentary rock. We found sandstone was used for all sorts in our village for example, building houses, carving signs and  building walls. 

We also looked at some man made rocks and the jobs that it was used for. 

Homes Liturgy

We had our class liturgy based on our Homes topic today. We planned it ourselves including writing prayers and choosing the hymns. 

Our Sewing Circle

Our fabric dyeing with vegetable skins was really successful so we are now making our Saxon bags. Sewing is proving to be more tricky but we have fun sitting in a circle and chatting as we do it. 

3 Touch Ball

This half term we are playing 3Touch Ball. The aim of the game is to score a goal by getting the ball between the two hoops but you have to make sure your team has passed the ball at least 3 times before you are allowed to score. Last year we practised our attacking and defence skills a lot so this year we are focusing on our throwing and catching skills and our team work. 

We are Rock Detectives!

In science we have been looking at rocks. We have been carrying out tests to check how hard they are and what happens when we drop water and acid onto them. We will be able to identify whether they are sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic rocks. 

Dyeing fabric using vegetables

The Anglo Saxons would have made their own clothes and dyed them using vegetable skins. We had a go using beetroot we had grown in our garden and onion skins. Our plan is to make our own bags with the fabric for our DT project.