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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3.  



For weekly routines and house keeping click on the link below. 
For a planning outline of topics that we will cover this year please follow the link below.
For planning outline of topics to be covered this term, please click on the link below.
Have a look at the homework tasks for this term here.

Our topic this term is

Art and Artefacts.


Class 3 have been studying Ancient Egypt.



We though about and discussed what we already knew about Ancient Egypt.
We discovered how and why Ancient Egyptians mummified their bodies. We had good fun mummifying each other and we wrote instructions on how the Ancient Egyptians really did it.
In maths we have been practising our 3, 4 and 8 times tables and cracking problem solving using arrays. 
We then started work on fractions by exploring the chocolate challenge. 3 tables, 1 with 1 bar of chocolate, 1 with 2 bars and 1 with 3 bar. If the chocolate on the table is to be shared out equally when all the children in the class have chosen a table to sit at, which table would be best to sit at? What do you think? 

We have started a new Design Technology project where we will make models using pneumatics. We started by exploring what things move using air. Mr Lennox came in to show us how a hot air balloon work and launched a rocket using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make a gas. We got such a shock when we saw how high the rocket took off.

Some of the things we have got up to earlier in the year in Class 3.
As part of our PE focus, we have been planning a route around obstacles in our environment to rescue a 'cow' and six 'chickens'.  This involves lots of team work, co-operation and planning.  After our initial attempt, we will be developing our skills, before re-trying to beat our own time. 
To try and understand our history topic we made a very long time line. We began with white boards marking the historical eras and events we knew and then we went back in time to the Stone Age. We plotted, to scale, how far back in time this was. We needed our school field and more put time into perspective. We were so far away from 'now', you can hardly see us.
Look at some of the things we have made at home as part of our homework tasks. 
We live in a wonderful location.  We have been taking photographs of the same area at different times to see how our beautiful world changes. 
Our new RE topic is 'Listening and Sharing'.  We are learning how the Mass is structured and also learning some of the responses and where they originate from in the Bible. 
Each class attended church to participate in Stations of the Cross. 
Then we celebrated our own Stations of the Cross by using a tableau for each Station. 
Our first RE topic was Community.  We looked at all the different ways we can be part of a community. After we studied the unit of work, we planned and celebrated a class liturgy.
We are currently learning French.  We have been learning to say which games we like and dislike.  it is sometimes difficult to read and write the words.
On World book day, we all dressed up as our favourite character from a book. Can you work out who we are?
As our topic is about locations, we all went outside to take a look at our own.  We sketched what we saw and tried to annotate our work to help us mix accurate colours for our paintings later. 
You can tell how much work we out into our sketching, observational drawings and our colour mixing.  Our display board is looking lovely. 
We started this spring term by investigating picture frames.  We then designed, planned and made our own using a wooden frame.  We then decorated it and evaluated our work.
We put our finished landscape paintings, in the style of  Constable, Turner or Hockney, into our own picture frames.
This term sees class three participating in a healthy living programme.  We are learning about the importance of eating healthily and taking exercise.  We have weekly challenges too.
We tried new types of fruit and tried to describe it using our senses. 
After attending FISCH lessons, completeing weekly challenges and attending after school clubs, we were awarded prizes. 
We participated in the cross country at Staindrop.  We did really well (some of us came 11th) and there were about 80 runners in each race. 
We have had a PE challenge day to demonstrate skills and stamina.  We rotated around various activities in our school houses and kept scores. 
We are looking at the plants and animals from all over the world.  We are looking at those that live in our location.  We have planted some seeds to see what they need to germinate and what they need to grow.
We are keeping a scientific diary.  After one week, look at our results.
And now look at them!
As part of our topic, we are reading Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne.  We are looking at the different countries that he visits  We have also, in literacy, been looking at story structure and writing our own chapters.
During AUTUMN TERM our topic wqs HEROES.

Tag Rugby.

We had an external coach visit weekly to help us learn the skills needed to participate in a local festival.  We all played very well and came second.

World War 1

As part of our 'Hero' topic we have been researching both animals and humans that have been made into heroes due to their actions in the war.  We made power-point presentations about our chosen hero. 

We continued our topic out of school by choosing from a selection of tasks to do at home.  We were awarded different amount of points depending upon the level of difficulty of the chosen task.

Here are some examples of our work.

War Manoeuvres.

After watching soldiers, we used their basic moves to combine and link into a dance routine in our PE lessons. 

Remembrance Day.

After studying the war, we thought of all the different ways we remember and honour those who fought.  We made a class piece of artwork using traditional crafts - knit, crochet, plait, proggy mat - as well as modern ones such as loom bands.  We used Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' as inspiration for the sky and 'In Flanders Field' for the actual setting.  We displayed it in St Joseph's Church.

We compared life today with that of 100 years ago. We tried to learn all the different shop names. We visited Beamish where we prepared for Christmas in the traditional way - baking, making toys and playing parlour games. 


Christmas display.

We made our display to show a traditional Christmas setting.

We spent along time learning songs and lines for our school nativity play.  We performed 'Silent Night'.  We all did really well and performed like true actors and actresses. 
Some of our class demonstrated their musical ability by giving a short violin concert.
After all our hard work we celebrated with a delicious school Christmas lunch.
And, of course, Christmas would not be Christmas without making cards and calendars.
To end the term, we had a mass, an award assembly and our our CHRISTMAS PARTY!
And finally, we all hope you have a very Happy Christmas.