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Class 4

  • Welcome


Welcome to Class 4. In this Class, children are aged between 9 and 11 years old. They are in Years 5 and 6. Mrs Bainbridge is their Class Teacher.



  • Topic This Term


The topic this term is Time Travellers.



Children have had the opportunity to find out about a number of different events that have made an influence on our current world.


In English, pupils have read the story Around the World in 80 days. From this, they have produced character descriptions and diary entry of the journey set in the era of the 1800. Children have learnt about the countries that are visited on the way around!


Another novel that children are currently studying is Tom’s Midnight Garden. Tom is sent away to live with relatives. When a grandfather clock strikes thirteen, he discovers a back door that leads to a secret garden that takes him to times from the past.


Children have been using the books to aid them to write their own imaginative stories involving time travel.


Through History lessons, children have found about the historical conflict between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. Children have found about the infamous Vikings lifestyle and the battles that occurred. Children have imagined themselves living in those times by using costumes and artefacts to bring history to life!


In Geography, Children have been discovering where all our food comes from and the journeys that some food items take in order to reach the UK. A range of maps have been used and different time zones explored.


In Science lessons, children have learnt about the Earth, Moon and space. They will find out what causes seasons as well as day and night.



Currently, through Art and Design and Technology lessons, children are getting the opportunity to create a Viking helmet thinking carefully about the design. They will and work in collaboration to produce a tapestry.



All the children have found this topic very interesting and are continuing to enjoy finding out lots of new information




  • Homework


Children are given homework out on a Wednesday. This consists of a piece of Numeracy, Literacy and spellings. This homework should be returned to school by the following Monday, of the same week. Children are invited to talk to Mrs. Bainbridge about the homework, if they need to, before submitting it on the Monday.


  • Reading Books


Children are given the opportunity to read their reading books on a regular basis in class. We use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, and children are provided with book that is tailored to their reading ability.


Their books should be taken home on a daily basis and brought back to school every morning. Children are expected to read at home, with an adult. Children should also be questioned about the book to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the content.



  • Spellings


Children will receive spelling on a weekly basis. They should practise them at home and they will tested on a Friday at school. Usually children will be given 10 words to learn each week.



  • PE kit


Children have P.E lessons on a Monday and a Thursday. Their lessons involve dance, gymnastics and games. Children need to make sure they have a full P.E kit with them on these days. This includes indoor and outdoor shoes.