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Class 4

Key Stage 2


Our topic in Autumn Term 2019 is ‘Dig,Dig,Dig‘. Our class will begin with a focus the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain; they will investigate what life was like for the Anglo-Saxon people by investigating archaeological discoveries such as Sutton Hoo. They will go on, in History, to study the period of time when the Vikings became powerful; deepening their chronological understanding of the British Isles.  Our class reader will be Michael Morpurgo’s novel ‘Beowulf’. This will form the inspiration of the children’s creative writing this term; they will write character profiles, stories, poetry and plays.


Following this we will branch out into a study of food items and look, in Geography, at where our food (including our favourite foods) comes from; from farm to plate and where the UK imports food items from. This will enable the children to further develop their locational knowledge and map work skills.

In Art they will be looking at printing methods, with a focus on block printing. The children will experiment with ways that printing methods can be used to add surface detail and texture to their drawings and how to combine an overlay of colours. In DT the children will investigate cam toys, produce their own design of a toy, make the toy and evaluate their finished produce.


Our Science topic will be ‘Life Cycles’ and the children will learn how to order the stages of the human lifecycle. They will also learn about the life cycles of plants and the differences in lifecycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds.


In Modern Foreign Languages they will extend their vocabulary and learn how to compose, write and speak sentences by studying of how to order food in a typical French Café; children will enjoy games, rhymes and role play to develop their skills in mastering further French vocabulary. In Music children will explore how  to project their singing voices and will go on to compose, in groups, their own songs.


In P.E. children will have the opportunity to work with a coach to improve their rugby skills. They will be finding out how to pass effectively, change direction and pace whilst running, supporting their team mates during play and making key decisions in play.






In class four the children get their homework books on a Wednesday. They can choose an activity that they  would like to do and then return  the books on a Monday to be marked.


The children get spellings to learn on a Thursday in preparation for a dictation test which will usually be Tuesday the following week.  All of the words they are tested on are taken from the KS2 National Curriculum Spelling Appendix. Timestable testing will usually take place on a Friday.


The children should read their reading books to an adult every night and ask them to sign the reading diary. A  quiz  is taken to demonstrate an understanding of what has been read. We expect that they attain over 80% otherwise the book needs to be re-read. We read in class in comprehension lessons where children are required to infer and deduce information from the text they have read. We also read our termly class reader each week.


Children are also expected to learn their times tables and are tested on a weekly basis.


PE in the Autumn Term PE will be on Thursday and will initally involve being coached in rugby skills; weather permitting, we will do PE outside so children may bring in a dark blue tracksuit to wear also. Children need to wear a PE kit and plimsolls and take earrings out  at home.


If you have any questions or queries please come and speak to Mrs Williams or make an appointment after school. Thank you


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RE Planning a Liturgy

RE Planning a Liturgy 1
RE Planning a Liturgy 2
RE Planning a Liturgy 3
RE Planning a Liturgy 4
RE Planning a Liturgy 5
RE Planning a Liturgy 6
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Ukuele Lessons

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Finding Anglo Saxon Place Names

Finding Anglo Saxon Place Names 1
Finding Anglo Saxon Place Names 2
Finding Anglo Saxon Place Names 3
Finding Anglo Saxon Place Names 4
Finding Anglo Saxon Place Names 5
Finding Anglo Saxon Place Names 6
Finding Anglo Saxon Place Names 7
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Class 4 Rugby

Class 4 Rugby 1
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