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Class 4



Welcome to Class 4. In this Class, children are aged between 9 and 11 years old. They are in Years 5 and 6. Miss Lawrence is their Class Teacher and with support from Mrs Batson, a Teaching Assistant.



Spring term 


This term our topic is 'Arts and Artefacts. We have been looking at the Maya Civilisation. We have found out about the important events that have happened and their lifestyle.

We have found out information about Mexico, using maps and Atlases to help us.


We will finding out about Mexican food and designing and making our own.   


In Science we have been learning all about the properties of different materials and what they can be used for. We planned and  carried out an investigation to find out which was the best material for keeping a cup of water warm. We have displayed the results in a graph and thought about how we could improve the investigation.


In English, we have been reading Gulliver's Travels and we have wrote our own stories too.


Autumn Term


This term's topic was called Explorers and Journeys. Class 4 has thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. We have found out about their journeys, lifestyles, battles and much more! When we had found out lots of information, we then made our own Viking helmets and we worked together to produce a Viking tapestry.


In Science, we learnt about the planets and our solar system. We researched and found out different facts and learnt about Space missions, including the first person in space and Neil Armstrong who was the first man on the moon.


We have written diaries, newspaper articles, biographies about the famous explorer Captain Cook. We have found about trade and where different foods come from and made videos using the Ipads.


It really has a been a very busy but an extremely interesting term!






Children are given homework books on a Wednesday. The homework tasks are in the front of the book. Children should pick a task and then return their book on Monday of the next week.  Points are awarded for each piece of work. At the end of the term, the points are added up and children can achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate for their work. Children are invited to talk to Miss Lawrence about the homework, if they need to, before submitting it. 


Reading Books


Children are given the opportunity to read their reading books on a regular basis in class. We use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, and children are provided with book that is tailored to their reading ability. Pupils are also given an accelerated reading book, which they also read in class frequently.


Both of these books should taken home on a daily basis and brought back to school every morning. Children are expected to read at home, with an adult. Children should also be questioned about the book to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the content.




Children will receive spelling on a weekly basis. They should practise them at home and they will tested on a Friday at school. Usually children will be given 10 words to learn each week.


PE kit


Children have P.E lessons on a Monday and a Thursday. Their lessons involve dance, gymnastics and games. Children need to make sure they have a full P.E kit with them them on these days. This includes indoor and outdoor shoes.



We had a fantastic day out at the Captain Cook Museum. We learnt so much about Cook's three voyages and his and the crew's discoveries. We wrote diary entries using a feather quill and ink. We all thought it must have been very hard work but exciting being on board one of Cook's ships



Our School Council have been really busy this term organising all different things for school. With a little bit of help from Miss Lawrence and Mrs Batson, they organised an anti bullying week.


Mr. Stonehouse, who is a Police Community Support Officer came into school and worked with every class to deliver a workshop on bullying.

We found the workshop very interesting and informative.