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Goodbye and Good Luck to our Year 6 Leavers, we wish you all well! - A reminder that school opens Weds 4th Sept 2019 - 8.00 am Breakfast Club - 8.30 am Activity Club - KS 2 TAG Rugby After School Club to begin Thurs 12th Sept 3.15-4.15 - KS 2 Tag Rugby League [Team of 7] to run 4.00 - 5.00 pm from 18th Sept until 9th Oct 2019 at Wolsingham Comp - If you are interested in taking part in either of these activities please let the school office know. I




Blessed John Duckett RCVA Primary School believes that computing makes a significant contribution to teaching and learning across all subjects and age ranges.


Our goal is to ensure pupils become independent, confident and responsible users of computers in order to prepare them for life in an increasingly technology rich world.

Through Computing lessons, pupils are taught how to use programs, systems and a wide range of media. Pupils will use this knowledge when they carry out programming.


Pupils will develop the skills to be independent thinkers in which they can apply to all areas of learning. They wil be able to technology confidently and understand how to use it responsibly.





1A  An introduction to modelling

Using a word bank

The information around us

1D  Labelling and classifying

1E  Representing information graphically: pictograms

1F  Understanding instructions and making things happen

2A Writing stories: communicating information using text

2B Creating pictures

2C Finding information

2D Routes: controlling a floor turtle

2E  Questions and answer

3A  Combining text and graphics

3B  Manipulating sound

3C  Introduction to databases

3D  Exploring simulations

3E  E-mail


4A Writing for different audiences

4B Developing images using repeating patterns

4C Branching databases

4D Collecting and presenting information: questionnaires and pie charts

4E Modelling effects on screen

5A Graphical modelling

5B  Analysing data and asking questions: using complex searches

5C  Evaluating information, checking accuracy and questioning plausibility

5D  Introduction to spreadsheets

5E  Controlling devices

5F  Monitoring environmental conditions and changes

6A  Multimedia presentation

6B  Spreadsheet modelling

6C  Control and monitoring - What happens when...?

6D Using the internet to search large databases and to interpret information