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Design Technology

At Blessed John Duckett RC Primary School, it is our intention to provide a Design Technology curriculum:


  • That inspires in children a curiosity and fascination and an ability to delight in exploring and solving real problems and to promote such qualities as innovation, perseverance, critical and imaginative thinking.
  • That instils a sense of awe and wonder, about the technological world, including digital technologies, in order to broaden aspirations and horizons.
  • As designers, children will learn how products and systems are designed and manufactured; they will learn to take risks and becoming resourceful, capable citizens.  They will gather and use evidence to create knowledge and solve problems.  They will communicate their findings in a variety of ways, including using IT.  Children will ask and answer questions and develop a deeper understanding of how things work.
  • As designers, children will draw on their knowledge and skills from other subjects and begin to understand how they work together when designing and making a product.
  • As makers, children will learn that Design and Technology is a continuous process and that products and designs can always be improved and developed.
  • As food technicians, children will learn how to prepare and cook basic dishes using a range of techniques and ingredients that will stand them in good stead now and in later life.  They will understand and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. 
  • As food technicians, children will develop an understanding of seasonality and the process of farm to fork.
  • For children to know that Design Technology is when people interact with their environment to bring about change and that this has a huge impact on their world and the world around them
  • Themed home learning tasks are designed to encourage and deepen children’s own knowledge and interests.
  • We make the most of our technologically rich heritage to develop children’s appreciation of where they live and the difference people have made.
  • Children will also learn about Health and Safety and will know that certain rules and levels of hygiene have to be followed.
  • Our curriculum is tailored to the diverse needs of our children.  
  • We provide an enhanced curriculum which goes beyond the classroom.




BJD Design and Technology Policy

BJD Food Technology Guidance

BJD Design and Technology Safety Code

BJD Design and Technology LTP