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Goodbye and Good Luck to our Year 6 Leavers, we wish you all well! - A reminder that school opens Weds 4th Sept 2019 - 8.00 am Breakfast Club - 8.30 am Activity Club - KS 2 TAG Rugby After School Club to begin Thurs 12th Sept 3.15-4.15 - KS 2 Tag Rugby League [Team of 7] to run 4.00 - 5.00 pm from 18th Sept until 9th Oct 2019 at Wolsingham Comp - If you are interested in taking part in either of these activities please let the school office know. I

Eco School

We are a Green Flag school

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Working towards a sustainable lifestyle




Our Pledge



Care and look after ourselves, our school and our community enviroment by...

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Improving our school grounds to encourage and protect wildlife
  • Help keep our areas litter free


Reduce our carbon footprint by

  • Using less energy
  • Turning off lights and screens
  • Closing doors
  • Turning down heaters


Reduce waste by

  • Using both sides of paper
  • Recycling paper, card, plastic, tetra packs, food
  • Re-using materials for modelling


To contact us: email: 

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We have representatives from every year group to attend meetings, present findings, share knowledge in assemblies and give rewards. 
In this summer term, we are trying to tidy up our school grounds.  We would love some gardners or handy parents to help!  This week we have been trying to make the willow arch into an arch again.  It grows so quickly.
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This term we are looking into ways to reduce energy consumption.  We have had an advisor in to help us understand the importance of not wasting precious energy.  If we switch off we will help reduce pollution, reduce emissions and help save our school money.  We will try to carry our teaching on by doing the same things at home. 
In after school  Indoor gardening club we made bird feeders to help the wildlife in our school garden, especially during this cold, snowy weather.
As part of educating the whole school about healthy eating and making choices, we used our own home grown vegetables to make broth. We all had a turn at peeling and preparing the vegetables. We served it to every pupil. 
To help everyone think about vegetables and discuss their qualities, we all participated in making a vegetable animal or figure.  It was great fun and produced some very inventive results. 
As part of being an Eco-School, an after school gardening club meets every week.  It is hard work digging, planting, weeding, feeding and harvesting produce.  All have lots of fun at the same time as learning. Produce is then used in school for lunches or for taste testing investigations.