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EYFS Forest School

Forest School

Forest School is a specialised leaning approach that sits within and compliments the wider context of outdoor education. 

Collecting stick

In this session, the children were asked to find things that they thought were interesting. They then added them to their collecting stick!

Stanley's Stick

In this session, we read the book Stanley's Stick in base camp.


In this session, we used our imagination to create mini-dens for our small world creatures!


We used leaves, berries and mud to make a magical potion! We then used a special stirring stick to mix it all together.


Rudolph Stick Sculptures

We used clay, sticks, leaves and berries to create Rudolph sculptures. 

Using Tools Safely

We learnt how to use the potato peelers safely. We have to sit in the respect position and peel away from our bodies.

Magic Wands

We made our very own magic wands! We used potato peelers to peel the bark off a stick. We then used felt tips, ribbon and glitter to decorate our magic wands!