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Fr Ejaz Update

We all know that Christianity exists under the shadow of persecution in Pakistan, a country struggling with extremism. Christians number just 3 million in a Muslim country of more than 180 million where intolerance is fuelled by illiteracy of up to 70%. Fr. Ejaz and his helpers give everything of themselves to try and make a difference.


The five parishes of Crook, Wolsingham, Tow Law, Willington and Langley Moor have continued to raise funds for the Pakistan Orphan Society by personal, private and individual donations. These funds are used by Fr. Ejaz to feed, clothe and educate 40 plus orphan children (i.e. approx. £15 per month direct support for each child, plus £15 to £20 for school or higher education fees).


The long awaited orphanage is now virtually complete with beds and basic furniture, the outside land is being “made ready”. Staff and volunteers are arranged and the children will move in by Easter.

Fr. Ejaz has recently opened a technical school which his Diocese has agreed to support, in his words, “to save children and youth from the drags and disappointment of life”. He says “I got courage to open this institute after deep concentration and inspiration”. He will provide, Engineering, Electrical fitting, Printing and stitching. This is part of his determination to provide Christian children with the opportunity to escape extreme poverty.

Finally and most importantly he wants to thank you all for your continuing generosity. He asks that we continue to remember him in our prayers and he hope to visit our parishes again this summer.

Since Fr. Ejaz first came to us, his Mother Rafica Hayat has risen very early every morning at 5 am and prayed a rosary in thanksgiving for the good people of England who support her son.