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Going to the seaside

Unit 4. Going to the seaside

Key Questions


Suggested resources

Who has visited other places? Where are they? How far away are they? How did they get there?

Use Ordnance survey software or website 
For aerial photos

For lesson ideas visit Seaside resources
Photos of local coasts/transport etc try

Aerial pictures

Pictures of transport


What is the seaside like? Why do we like to go there?

More on Tynemouth
For more Seaside Resorts visit Snaith Primary
A lovely 'big book' about Sammy Seagull

Travel brochures
Holiday photographs
School Trip photographs

How is the seaside different from our locality?

Refer to BBCc weather site. 
Use packages such as “Starting Graph” or “Pic a Picture”
Sea birds 


Compare and contrast localities using powerpoint – add in pictures of own locality.

Effects of weather
Weather watch
Enter information into a data file

Powerpoint of local resort
South Shields

What was the seaside like in the past?

Blackpool Slideshow from Snaith Primary


Where else in the world can we have a seaside holiday?

Use Word Processor 
Photos/Activities from Snaith Primary – find brochures to supplement photos

Write  a poem …now/ then.