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How can we make our local area safe

Unit 2 How can we make our local area safe

Key Questions


Suggested resources

Is our school on a busy road?

Transport pictures
Photographs of road markings/signs

With the children’s help, label a wall display of photographs of the road outside the school to show aspects related to traffic, eg road signs, road markings.
Use of digital camera
Simple matching activity

Clicker 4 Grid - Road Safety
Clicker 4 Grid - Roadsigns

Is parking a problem?

Display of photos

Print out digital photographs.

With the children’s help, design and carry out a survey of the numbers of cars parked in the street. Ask the children to present the results as a graph, using simple graphing software, and analyse them.  (Starting Graph – Cars)

How is parking controlled?

E-Mail Local Council

Road Safety   
The Green Cross Code


Ask the children to make use of all the evidence they have collected (photographs and survey results) to write a letter to the transport department at the local council to ask about the possibility of a safety feature, eg a pedestrian crossing, being constructed.
Use packages such as “Number magic”. Or “Excel"

How could the area be made safer for pupils?

Make and analyse graphs…

Use packages such as “Starting Graph”


Write a letter

Could email…local council – transport department – about possibility of safety feature