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Key Information

Our Daily Routine

Reception: 9.00 – 3.15

Morning Nursery: 9.00 – 12.00

Afternoon Nursery: 12.30 – 3.30

Our day starts with Reception and Morning Nursery. Coats are left on pegs and any hats, scarves and bits and bobs can be left in the children’s own pigeon hole. Parents are encouraged to come into the classroom to help their child find their name card for self registration and to help their child practise writing their name. Children can read a book in our group area until all children have arrived and are settled. As parents leave we welcome each other with a song and say good morning. We look at our calendar to see what day it is and we discuss what will happen during our day in school. Afternoon Nursery starts at 12.30 where we follow the same routine.





We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. Nursery will follow Phase 1; a programme of activities that develop listening skills to enable them to hear sounds around them, rhythms, rhymes and the sounds in words. Reception then move onto Phase 2 where we learn letter sounds and begin to read and write words. We move onto Phase 3 looking at letter diagraphs and writing in sentences.


If at any stage children are able to move onto the next phase or need more practise then they will take part in activities suitable for their ability regardless of whether they are in Nursery or Reception.




Reading Books

Children working within phase 1 will be given a story book to take home on a Wednesday along with their homework. 

Children working within phases 2 and 3 will be given a reading scheme book. These should be taken home every day in book bags. We strongly encourage children to practise their reading every night with an adult. Reading practise should be recorded in their reading records. Please bring your book bag to school every day and leave it in your pigeon hole. We try to hear children read in school at least 2 or 3 times a week.





Children with reading books must also practise their keywords. These will be found in the front of their reading records. We encourage the children to practise reading these every night after reading their books. When they can read all words in the set fluently they will take a turn on the Hot Seat. If they can read all the words they will get their Keyword Set medal and move on to the next set.





PE is on a Monday and Wednesday. Children must wear a PE kit. This includes:

  • A red polo shirt
  • Blue shorts
  • Plimsolls for outdoor activities


Please label ALL items of clothing to avoid getting clothes lost.


Earrings should not be worn on PE days.





Everyone will get a homework book to take home in their book bags. At the front will be a list of tasks that are linked to our topic to complete over the term. Each task is worth points. At the end of the term your points will be added up to see if you have achieved enough to earn a bronze, silver and gold medal.


Books will be given out on a Wednesday. Please hand them in by the following Monday.





Fruit and milk are provided for the children to help themselves to throughout the day. They also have their own water bottles to drink from.




£1 Donation

We ask parents if possible to donate £1 a week. This goes towards snacks and any extra resources that we need to buy for the class.