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Marc Chagall: A Jewish artist


In Art, Some KS 1 children have been looking at the work of the Jewish artist Marc Chagall who lived 100 years ago. It took them four session to complete their work.

During the first session the children looked at the picture "Music" painted in 1920. The children talked about what they could see and described each part of the painting. Then they wrote down their ideas in their sketch books.


In the second session, the children were asked to look at the shapes in the picture. In their sketchbooks the children drew pictures of the violinist in "Music" and added the shapes to their pictures.


In the third session, the children looked in magazines and on the internet to find pictures of a person they admire. The children drew a picture of this person in their sketchbooks.

In the fourth session, the children used good quality cartridge paper to draw their pictures of the role model and then painted the background only. The background was to have patterns and shapes made by using one colour only. Using ready made mixed paint the final details of the drawing were painted in using blocks of colour. When the portraits were finished we talked about them and exhibited them in the hall