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Welcome to our Governors' section.

Governing Body


The Governing Body is made up of representatives of the staff, parents and the Catholic community, and also the LA.    They are all volunteers who give up their free time to make the sure the school is managed effectively and to the benefit of the children.  The governors have various legal responsibilities and duties, the school budget and health and safety.   They help to set and monitor the school philosophy and policies.   Governors do not make detailed day to day decisions about the running of the school.   This is the role of the Headteacher supported by the staff.



Mrs E. McGurk              Chair of Governors                                    

Miss J. Ellison               Headteacher           

Mrs P. Stevens             Foundation Governor (Vice Chair)                  

Rev Fr N. Jennings       Foundation Governor                                

Mrs A. Jones                 Foundation Governor                 

Vacancy                        Foundation Governor

Vacancy                       Foundation Governor                                  

Miss C. McGoldrick      Staff Governor                                            

Mrs M. Royce              Parent Governor                                           



Governing Body Committee Structure

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings


✓   – Attended meeting
A/A   – Apologies sent and accepted by meeting
N   – Did not attend


NamesSummer 2021Autumn 2021Spring 2022
Jenna Ellison
Elizabeth McGurk
Charlene McGoldrick
Rev. N. Jennings
Michelle RoyceA/AN
Paula Stevens
Gemma Dobson  
Teresa Bland  
Angeline Jones 


Terms of Reference




Finance, Premises & Grounds Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • Consider all matters received from the LA relating to the financial aspects of the Authority’s scheme for the Financing of School
  • Receive actual share and agree a budget plan
  • Monitor and determine spending patterns and consider spending/budget proposals from other committees
  • Decide virement limits
  • Consider and promote Income generation
  • Monitor supplies budget (delegated to Headteacher for report to Governors as appropriate)
  • Check the annual accounts of all voluntary funds held by the school (PTA funds etc)
  • Inspection/reporting on buildings and the learning environment
  • Establish and keep under review the School Accessibility Plan
  • Monitoring nutritional standards within the school

Ensuring that the school meets Health and Safety requirements and reviewing H & S Policy regularly.


Meetings: termly, or each half term, planned to coincide with Oracle.

Disqualifications: when there may be a conflict of interest; a fair hearing is required; or a pecuniary interest. Associate Members may not vote.



Personnel Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • Teaching Staff appointments (Governors may wish to consider some delegation to the Headteacher)
  • (Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher appointments will be subject to consideration by the full Governing Body and if the appointment is delegated to the Committee will need to be endorsed by the full Governing Body)
  • Supply cover (delegated to Headteacher)
  • Non teaching staff appointments (temporary appointments to be made by the Headteacher and reported to Governors)
  • When teaching and non teaching appointments are made by this committee, shortlisting for those appointments will also be by this committee
  • To check that arrangements for staff appraisal are in place and are being developed
  • Consider staff Leave of Absence (only if necessary after delegation to Headteacher)
  • Staffing Structure (Budgetary implications submitted to Finance and/or Pay Review)
  • Staff disciplinary grievance and ill health matters in accordance with the procedure adopted by the Governing Body
  • Parental Complaints
  • Ensure that a Performance Management Policy is in place.


Meetings: Half Termly

Pecuniary interest.

Delegation to the Headteacher

School Staffing (England) Regulations 2009.


Appointment: The Governing Body can delegate the power to appoint outside the leadership group to:

  • The Headteacher
  • One or more Governors with the right of the Headteacher to advise
  • One or more Governors and the Headteacher.


Delegate to the Headteacher as above for:

  • Permanent teaching staff posts
  • Permanent support staff posts
  • Temporary staff.


Dismissals: Governing Body delegates to Headteacher responsibility for the dismissal of:

  • All staff other than Headteacher, unless exceptional circumstances exist
  • Headteacher to a committee of the Governing Body.




Pay Review/First Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • To act in accordance with the Teachers’ Pay Policy adopted by the Governing Body
  • To report to the Finance Committee on Pay Review-related expenditure
  • To make any decisions under the personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body, e.g. disciplinary, grievance, ill health, capability etc where the Headteacher is the subject of the action
  • To make any decisions relating to a member of staff (other than the Headteacher) under the Personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body (unless delegated to the Headteacher)
  • Staffing Reductions.


Meetings: Autumn term, plus as and when necessary.

Disqualifications: School staff. Pecuniary interest.




Pupil Discipline Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • Pupil Exclusion - (The 1999 regulations require that pupil exclusions are dealt with by a Committee of Governors)
  • Parental Complaints
  • Ensure Performance Management Policy in place.



School Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • To make recommendations to the Governing Body and review the school’s curriculum statement and policies as required in the light of the LA curriculum statement and statutory obligations regarding the National Curriculum
  • In collaboration with the staff to provide information about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced
  • To review the policy and provision for sex education and to make recommendations where necessary
  • To review the policy and provision for collective worship and to make recommendations where necessary
  • To monitor and review information about school performance and reporting to parents accordingly to statutory requirements
  • To contribute to the School Development Plan
  • Curriculum/performance review including target setting and monitoring mechanisms
  • Conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of education achievement (SSFA 1998)
  • Set targets for achievement at KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE. Monitor the school's performance against these targets
  • Monitor the achievement of disadvantaged groups and the impact of policies on race, SEN, Looked After Children and Disability on pupils, parents and communities
  • Contribute to the development and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan and the SEF
  • Ensure that every child receives the full statutory curriculum that the school must provide
  • Ensure that a report on each pupil's educational achievements is forwarded to their parents/ guardians annually
  • Set attendance targets and monitor the school's performance against these targets.
  • Ensure the school has a curriculum policy that meets pupils' needs
  • Ensure the school has policies on Race and Disability Discrimination
  • In general terms, monitor teaching and learning and the progress of pupils
  • Monitor the provision of extra-curricular activities including overnight stays provided to encourage recreation and social development.


Meetings: At least termly.

Disqualifications: None.




Appeals Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • To consider any appeal against a decision to dismiss a member of staff made by the First/Pay Review Committee (or Headteacher if delegated)
  • To consider any appeal against a decision under the personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body (eg disciplinary, pay review, capability for teachers etc)
  • To consider any appeal against selection for redundancy.


Meetings: as and when required. Must have no fewer members than the Hearing.

Disqualifications: Headteacher. Any Governor who was involved in the hearing. Spouse/partner.


Admissions Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • To determine within statutory provisions and the Governing Body policy whether any child shall be admitted to the school
  • To review admission arrangements and to make recommendations for changes to the Governing Body.


Meetings: When required.

Disqualifications: Associate Members may not vote.