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Please note: After carrying out an extensive risk assessment, it has been decided not to open to the wider school on 1st June 2020. This situation will be reviewed again in two weeks time. Please continue to take care and stay safe.......If any already contacted parent needs childcare please email We will do our best to accommodate your needs. For information about coronavirus please go to Useful Information for Parents - Coronavirus......... For Fr Nick's Sunday sermon please visit Community - Our Church, Our Diocese

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Daily Prayers for Home
w/c 27 April 2020 - Holy Week
3rd Sunday Easter


2nd Sunday Easter




Homily and Bidding Prayers for Easter services

Maundy Thursday


Homily and Bidding Prayers for Maundy Thursday

A message from Fr Nick - Sunday 5th April 2020 - Palm Sunday

Dear Parishioners, friends, brothers and sister in Christ and anyone else who might read this.


Thank you to those who have been able to follow me for Morning Prayer and Mass on Facebook

 this week.  I have now set up Live stream on Google as well if you do not have Facebook. Look up Nicholas Jennings Mass – ignore the head shadowed in the window; that was a first try to see how it worked. Try Googling Nicholas Jennings Morning Prayer or use the link I might have it right by Sunday by which time I hope I have informed the diocese for their website. However having contacted the diocese to publicise the offerings they are not happy with me using a personal site so I may have to create a parish site or stream though Holy Family Hartlepool Facebook site. I will update you when necessary.

Those with children may well be interested in a live stream of children’s liturgy from Cafod and or you can find this week’s copy of Look for the children to use

Fr Denis McBride Palm Sunday reflection

And he also has a 1 hour Stations of the Cross

This month’s Northern Cross is not going to be printed but you can access this month’s edition free online though at , and subsequently take up an online subscription cheaper than a printed version.

If you are concerned about how you are to make you Easter Duties please follow the link to Cardinal Nichols

This is Holy Week. We have a pastoral letter from Bishop Robert. I am grateful to Rev Deacon Michael Rowell for his words of wisdom this week as well as Patrick Timothy for the bidding prayers which will follow in a separate e-mail. Bishop Robert has sent us some information about how to carry out the Holy Week ceremonies which I shall now summarise along with a suggestion or two about how you may wish to engage a little more. If you will not be with me on live stream why not look up the readings in your Missal, copies of Walk with Me, or online at Universalis 

or Creighton


Palm Sunday

I will celebrate Mass of Palm Sunday at 10am (following morning prayer at 9.30) which you can watch on Face Book or You Tube (see links above) or make the spiritual communion around that time (See attachment) As we have no congregation the palms will not be blessed and we have been instructed to distribute them later in the year. If you are desperate for a new palm I shall leave some in the box outside the presbytery door. There will be a few hard copies of the bulletin if you know of anyone who cannot access the internet. An idea going round Facebook is to put a branch in your window or on your front door as a welcome to Jesus if he were coming down your street on his donkey so you can welcome him there.


Maundy Thursday Mass of Chrism  

usually takes place at the Cathedral on this day as the priests renew their promises (perhaps we should do it on a Zoom conference?!!). In Kenya, because of the great distances, some travelling 6 hours to reach the Cathedral, we always had the Chrism Mass a couple of weeks early. Bishop Robert will call us together for this at a later date when all has died down; in the meantime we have been sent a prayer of which I intend to make during Morning Prayer.  At this Mass the Bishop consecrates the three oils: Catechumens, Chrism and Sick. It means we are using the same oil whether in Newcastle, Tow Law, Darlington or Berwick. Welcome to my live stream of Office of Readings and Morning prayer at 9.30


Maundy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7pm

No washing of the feet is to take place. If you are not distancing yourself from others in your household, why not wash each other’s feet at home? If you are on your own wash your hands, something we have been having to do a lot of lately but let it remind us of Jesus washing Peter’s feet and his objection. There will not be a procession of the Blessed Sacrament at the end of Mass but I have been exposing the Blessed Sacrament during Morning Prayer each day so I hope to be able to do the same for an hour after Mass. I was thinking of playing some music but would probably fall foul of copyright laws so why not find your own music to accompany exposition? Thanks to Josh for his drawing of The Last Supper                                                                                                                                              


Good Friday Liturgy of the Passion of Our Lord 3pm

What I like about the Good Friday Liturgy is its simplicity: Liturgy of the Word, Intercessions (for which we have an additional one concerning COVID19), Veneration of the Cross, Holy Communion. As with Palm/Passion Sunday I have no readers I will use the shorter version of St John’s Passion. As we have been instructed not to have a formal veneration of the Cross why not put a cross in a special place where you may venerate it, meditate on it, contemplate Jesus’ suffering for our salvation? 


Holy Saturday  Mass of the Resurrection. 8.00pm I hope.

There will be no Easter fire (and I will not suggest you should light one at home) and no procession, but we can still bless the Paschal Candle and sing the Exultet, and renew our Baptismal Vows as we contemplate how we received the Light of Risen Christ at our baptism.



I wish you a very special Holy Week, if different. Please try to find a special place in your house where you can place a cloth, Bible, candle, cross, statue, picture etc so that just being in that place draws you into an atmosphere of prayer. Share with other members of your family if you can, and please keep praying for an end to this plague.

If you are volunteering to do shopping for neighbours, parishioners etc a big thank you to you. If you are available to help please let us know. I have heard of somebody needing help to collect food vouchers from Bishop Auckland but have no transport – can you help?; if you cannot get out & do not have access to shopping facilities again please let us know.

You are all in my prayers this week

May God bless you all and keep you safe in His care

Fr Nick

A message from Fr Nick - Sunday 29th March 2020                                                                                               

Dear Parishioners and all on the list,


I have successfully streamed mass 5 days this week. I am hoping to stick to the usual timetable of

9.30 Morning prayer and exposition followed by Mass at 10am. So that is for Sunday and weekdays unless you hear otherwise.


Please find a list of links to find Mass elsewhere.

I believe Fr Ryan was live last Sunday from Darlington


Please find my homily for this Sunday, and the bidding prayers kindly prepared for us by John. Thank you.

If you wish to read the readings because you do not have a missal or Bible at home

you may find them as part of Creighton University Reflections. The link is at the bottom of my homily.

Click the link then click on today’s date on the calendar and find the reading links at the top left.

You may wish to continue to reflect each day with them in this Year of the Word


If you enjoyed Denis McBride’s video last week on our gospel, look here for this week’s


Children may want to follow the CAFOD childrens’s liturgy live at 10am on Sunday


Blessings  Fr Nick

A message from Fr Nick - Sunday 22nd March 2020

Dear Brothers and sisters, parishioners and friends,


I hope you are coping with these extraordinary arrangements


Please find, as promised, my homily for this week.

I could have sat with my feet up, but I would probably have felt guilty,

And at least this keeps me active in one of the things I should be doing as a priest.


If you want to go deeper into today’s gospel why not go onto Fr Dennis McBride’s talk?


If you get chance please join us in praying the bidding prayers



If you wish to follow Mass on livestream click below for options


Keeping you all in my prayers in these strange times




Fr Nick