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At Blessed John Duckett RC Primary School, it is our intention to provide a PE curriculum:


  • That enables children to develop knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a broad range of sporting activities through PE lessons, competitions and active lessons.
  • Develops values and transferable life skills such as fairness, resilience and respect.
  • Through core tasks we aim to give the children physical literacy, fundamental movement skills, core strength, fitness and physical skills that the children can then apply to specific sports by the end of KS2.
  • Children will develop a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and PE by creating an active culture throughout the school with active lessons, playtimes, extra-curricular clubs, tournaments and events.
  • Our PE curriculum is designed to ensure a positive and healthy physical and mental outlook in the future and help young people to develop essential skills like leadership and teamwork.
  • Within each lesson, we strive to give every child the opportunity to develop skills in PE, consider the impact on their health and fitness, compete/perform and evaluate.
  • To use PE as a way of developing personal, social and emotional development through supporting their peers, playing as a team, developing leadership skills, helping each other improve and celebrating each other's achievements.
  • All learning is as tailored and inclusive as possible.
  • It is also the intention to ensure that every child has access to at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

BJD PE Policy

BJD PE Long Term Plan

Curling and Boccia Festival

Class 3 recently took part in a Boccia festival and we came first! There was 8 stations to move around where you scored points. One of our teams scored 1097 and the other team scored 997.

“We scored 395 on one station but most of all we had great fun!” George.

As a prize the children won a certificate and  free golden ticket to a fun day at Bishop Barrington.


Class 4 Tag Rugby Festival

Children from Key Stage 2 took part in  A Tag Rugby League after school last term. They travelled down to Wolsingham Comprehensive once a week for 4 weeks and took part in competitive games. Overall we came 4th out of 7 but it was very close. We are looking forward to taking part in a Handball League after the half term holidays.


We are an active school!

Our garden is coming along nicely

Our garden is coming along brilliantly. Lots of the vegetable seeds have grown and we’ve been able to plant then out in our new raised beds. We also planted out some perennial flowers today to bring some colour to our garden. Still lots to do though. 

A visit from A Commonwealth Athlete

As part of Healthy Living Week we were delighted to welcome Ashley Williams, a Commonwealth Bronze medalist in boxing, to our school today. He did an assembly explaining how he got into the sport, what his training entailed and how it felt to achieve his bronze medal in such a big competition. He then did workshops with the whole school in which the children were sponsored. We raised over £300, half of which will go towards training GB athletes and the other half will be for sports equipment for our school. 

Healthy Living Week

We’ve had a very active week this week for Healthy Living Week. We started with a long all day walk on Monday, we walked a mile a day sometimes around the school yard and a couple of times down to Durham Hens. We’ve had Inter-house competitions in orienteering, team building and physical challenges and we have had lessons on how to plan a healthy balanced meal. It’s been great fun especailly as the sun shone all week. 

All Stars Cricket Workshop

Dean from All Stars Cricket came in today to show us what was on offer in his cricket sessions at local clubs. The children loved it and have gone home with lots of information about how to sign up. 

Skipping Club

We’ve had a great time in skipping club this term. It’s proved one of our most popular clubs. We’ve learnt some new tricks like ‘The Pretzel’ and ‘The Double Jump’ and most exciting of all we’ve cracked Double Dutch skipping! It’s very tricky but we really worked together to help each other practise. The children are practising their skills on the playground and helping other children get better too. 

Skipping Workshop

We’ve had a fantastic morning this morning when Gail from Skipping School came to show us some skipping skills. She was very impressed with the advanced skills of many of our children. We had great fun learning new tricks. We’re pleased to say we have purchased some snazzy new skipping ropes too so we can continue practising. 

Blessed John Duckett's Got Sporting Talent

Blessed John Duckett had so much sporting talent! We saw plenty of it in our talent show this afternoon: football, dance, gymnastics, boxing and skipping were all on show. A very entertaining afternoon with some amazing skill on show!

Our school garden

We have new raised flower beds in our garden! We’re very excited and hopeful that we’ll be able to now keep the weeds uncontrol better. 

Indoor Sports Day

Our whole school took part in a Inter-house Indoor Sports day today. We had four competitions: how many hula-hoops can you do in a minute, how many skips in 30 seconds, how many keeping-uppies with a bat and ball in a minutes and how many basketball hoops can you score in a minute.

Congratulations to Mark house who won the competition and well done to everyone who took part.  

Planting bulbs for our Wild Flower Project on Millenium Green

Our school have been taking part in a Wild Flower Project on Millenium Green. We’ve been carrying out surveys about what plants and wildlife live there. Today years 1and 2 planted bulbs around the pond area and in the woods. 

Year 3-6 Basketball Festival

We had great fun at the Basketball Festival at Parkside Comprehensive School. Many other schools in our area took part. We showed great attacking and defending skills as well as fantastic resilience as we were often playing against teams that were older than us. 

Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby Festival

Year 5 and 6 took part in a local Tag Rugby Festival. We were chuffed to bits to reach the semi-finals! 

Curriculum Map 2018-2019