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As a Catholic School, our children will learn that God’s love is at the centre of our community.


They will experience prayer and worship together.


They will follow a faith journey which will develop their understanding and deepen their own Christian faith.


At the same time, they will develop an understanding of other world religions, and come to appreciate that whilst people have their own faith and beliefs, we often have the same values.


Our children will work together to develop their spiritual needs and to reach their full academic potential.


Our children will learn to look after each other, in the same way that Jesus taught us when he tended his sheep.


Our children will play their part in their own local parish community and the world at large –[global community].


Our children will demonstrate the love they have for each other, by caring for God’s world and the diverse people in it.


Our children will aim for respect, fairness and justice in all that they do.


Our children will move forward together knowing that they are all children of God.


Our religious education presents an engaging and comprehensive curriculum which is the basis of the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith.


We enable pupils to continually deepen their religious and theological understanding and they will be able to communicate this effectively.


We inspire in children a curiosity and fascination and instil a sense of awe and wonder, about the world and its people in order to broaden aspirations and horizons, leading our children to aspire not to have more, but to be more. 


We encourage our children to ask ‘big’ questions and understand that not all questions have answers

Every opportunity is provided to enhance children’s experiences both in and outside the classroom, by way of outdoor learning, community links and educational visits


Themed home learning tasks are designed to encourage and deepen children’s own knowledge and interests.


Our curriculum is tailored to the diverse needs of our children.  We offer an enhanced curriculum.

BJD Religious Education Policy

BJD Collective Worship Policy

Long Term Plan

Moving Forward Together