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School Council

School Council

School Council consists of members from each year group from Year One up to Year 6.


The council members meet once a week to discuss lots of different matters.

This is a letter School Council has written to explain what we have done so far in this year:



Firstly, we decided who was to carry out the different roles. This included: Chairperson, Treasurers and Secretary.

We had a meeting with Taylor Shaw, who make our school dinners. We discussed introducing different themed days such as Fishy Friday, Harvest lunch and others. We also talked about our likes and dislikes about the lunches.

We have discussed things that could be improved at school such as stopping pupils going into areas on the playground where they shouldn’t be and other issues that pupils have told us about.

Another area that we have been discussing and working on is E- Safety. We are now all E – Cadets and we have chosen to teach others about search engines. We have planned a lesson by coming up with questions that all the other children have to answer. We are going to teach them how to use search engines safely by using child friendly sites. We are looking forward to teaching the rest of the school very soon.

As you see, we have been quite over the last few weeks and soon we are going to plan lots of fun Christmas activities for our Christmas party!!