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At Blessed John Duckett RC Primary School, it is our intention to provide a science curriculum:

  • That encourages children to have a thirst for knowledge, curiosity and fascination for Science and to instil a level of respect for the world and for all living and non-living things.
  • That develops in children a passion for Science allowing them to see how it has the ability to change people’s lives and the world around them.
  • To raise the aspirations of children, when considering their own future by finding out about famous Scientists who have made a difference to the world.
  • To give children the opportunities to discover new things through exploring and investigating.
  • As Scientists, our children will develop an enquiring mind by being encouraged to ask thought-provoking, far-reaching questions.
  • Scientists, by asking and answering questions they will develop a deeper understanding of how the natural world works.
  • As Scientists, children will learn to work in teams and on their own to draw conclusions
  • They will be given the opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge and skills to solve problems and present their findings.
  • As Scientists, children will acquire life-long skills, knowledge and concepts.
  • Children will develop positive attitudes and become resilient learners.
  • Children will develop a range of investigation and problem-solving skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas and which can be used to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;
  • To enable pupils to develop explanation and evaluating skills.
  • Children will develop a good range of scientific and technical vocabulary.
  • As Scientists, children will be able to carry out research and communicate their findings in a variety of ways, including using IT.  They will collect, analyse and communicate data.
  • Themed home learning tasks are designed to encourage and deepen children’s own knowledge and interests.
  • We make the most of our scientifically rich heritage to develop children’s appreciation of the influence that local people have made.
  • Children will also learn about Health and Safety and know that certain rules and processes have to be followed when carrying out experiments or undertaking field studies.
  • Our curriculum is tailored to the diverse needs of our children.  
  • We provide an enhanced curriculum which goes beyond the classroom by way of using the natural environment, local fieldwork, community links, trips and residential stays.

BJD Science policy

BJD Science Long Term Plan