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Sporting Events

Quad Kids Athletics 

Inter - School Level 2 Competition

19th May 2016


Children from Class 3 and 4 attended a Quad Kids competition at Shildon Running Track. The event was organised by Sainsburys School Games. The day was split into four different events, running -60m and 400m, standing long jump and howler throw. Each child had to participate in all events and their scores were recorded and collated at the end of the day. The children were competing not only with the  other 300  children on the day but with other children around our County. The children who attended enjoyed the day, they said that the 400 metre run was the hardest. Well Done to all those took part. 

National Walk to School Week

National Walk to School Week


16th May - 20th May 2016


During Walk to School Week parents had the opportunity to drop their children off at two designated drop off points or were more than welcome to join us and  walk. The children and the parents thoroughly enjoyed the week and it proved to be a huge success. The weather was on our side and this was a massive  bonus as it didn't put parents off. Some parents have even asked if it can continue on a regular basis as it gave them the opportunity to talk to staff and other parents as we embarked on the walk to school. Thank you to all those who supported and joined us.



Rock Climbing and Trampolining


19th April - 18th May


Class 3 visited Wolsingham comprehensive School to take part in Rock Climbing and Trampolining . The first few weeks concentrated on learning skills to enable them to climb up the wall safely and with confidence. They gained skills in preparing their equipment and putting it on to a safe standard. They were shown how to climb the wall using agility and balance. It took a lot of strength to get to the top. All the children gained skills and knowledge and gained a sense of achievement when they were able to push themselves to climb higher.

The next few weeks the children used the trampolines, they acquired skills in bouncing correctly, perform a pike jump, tuck jump, straddle jump and a seat drop. Once they had mastered these skills they started to put them into a routine to perform to their  peers. 

The children really enjoyed their sessions at the school and it gave them a chance to experience the facilities that the school has to  offer.






Spring Term

2nd March - 13th April 2016


During the Spring Term some of the children out of Class 4 attended weekly sessions on how to ride their pedal bikes safely. The sessions also included a 'Fix it' session. The children gained skills that would help them stay safe on our roads. They had sessions on the school yard first and then they moved onto the roads. All the children who participated passed their level 2 and received a certificate and a badge. After the 'fix it' session the children were aware of how to keep their bikes road worthy. They were rewarded with a little kit to help them do this. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

EYFS Multi-Skills festival

EYFS Multi - Skills Festival

23rd March 2016


On Wednesday 23rd March 2016 the children from reception and nursery attended a multi-skills festival at Wolsingham Comprehensive School.

They were split into groups to complete various activities throughout the morning. They had to work as a team, listen to instructions and complete the tasks using the skills they had gained during their P.E lessons. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the morning.



18th March 2016


On a chilly Friday afternoon the children of Blessed John Duckett School embarked on walking and  running a mile for Sports Relief. The event was supported by parents, relatives , friends and also pets. The children and their families and friends thoroughly  enjoyed the afternoon even though it was very cold. The event was a huge success and the children raised a staggering £1000 which was sent to Sports Relief. A huge thank you goes out to all who took part and also to those who sponsored  the children.


Dance Festival

Dance Festival


9th February 2016

Parkside School Willington


On Tuesday 9th February 2016 the children in Class 4 took part in a Dance Festival at Parkside School. Kristen the dance coach came into our school before Christmas to work with the children to prepare them for the festival. The children danced to 'Let's Get Ready To Rumble' in the style of street. The children worked really hard to learn the moves. The moves were quite tricky and very energetic. The children had to all work as a team to be in time and in the correct position. They performed their dance in front of 120 children. The festival was well organised and all the children had fun. 

Well done Class 4 you were brilliant !!

Sports Hall Athletics


Inter - Level 2 Competition


26th January 2016


On Tuesday 26th January, 18 children from Class 4 traveled to King James in Bishop Auckland to take part in a competition. The competition was Sports Hall Athletics. The children had to compete in various relays, which involved jumping over hurdles, running through ladders and using turning ramps. After a short break the children had to take part in various activities which included standing long jump, vertical jump, triple jump, chest pass, soft javelin throw and a speed bounce. The skills they had gained during various P.E lessons helped them to perform to the best of their ability. 


 The children thoroughly enjoyed the even and competed well. Out of all the schools that attended we came second , however all the scores were recorded and logged onto a seprate sheet with other schools in the county.


Well done !!


BJD Multi Skills Sports Morning


Friday 22nd January 2016


On Friday 22nd January the whole school took part in a multi skills morning organised by our Year 5 'Playmakers'. They started to organize the event a few weeks before, they had decide on four activities that all children could participate in successfully. They devised their own score sheet for the children to use and a overall score sheet to collate all team scores. The children were then separated into their houses (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and paired up with other children, the older children were paired with the younger children, they displayed skills of co-operation, team work, determination and respect. 


The morning was a huge success and was enjoyed by children and staff.


The Year 5 'Playmakers' did a fantastic job at organizing the whole morning. Well Done!


1st - Mark

2nd - Luke

3rd - Matthew

4th - John


Autumn Term 2

Tag Rugby Festival

Inter Level 2 - Competition

17th November 2015


The children from Class 3 took part in a Lower Dales Tag Rugby Festival at Wolsingham Comprehensive School. It was also an Inter - School Level 2 competition. They were part of 11 teams that competed together on two pitches. They used the skills they had gained during their tag rugby lessons with the coach, they all had a great time and enjoyed the festival very much. They didn't win but it was the taking part that counted.


Well done Class 3.

Autumn Term 2


Swimming Gala 

Intra - School Level 1 Competition


23rd October 2015


Years 5 and 6 took part in a intra - school level 1 swimming gala. There were several races which included front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke. The children were split into their house teams ( Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and the results were recorded.

The children really enjoyed the gala and were rewarded at the end by playing on the floats and with the sinkers and floaters.



1st Mark

2nd John

3rd Luke

4th Matthew




Autumn Term 2015


Outdoor and Adventurous Intra - School Level 1 Competition


On the 09/09/2015 the children participated in a OAA afternoon. They were set mini challenges which they had to overcome using co-operation, problem solving, listening skills, trust and team work. 


Well done to all who took part.