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Teaching Area 3 Years 3 and 4

Our classroom has fabulous views across the countryside.  We are linked directly to the 'outside classroom', the wildlife area and our raised beds.  We try to use these resources as much as we can. We record the day, date, month, year and weather every morning. 


Inside, we all sit around the outside of the room which allows us plenty of space for drama and we can hold discussions and debates much easier when we can have eye contact with each other. 
We have our class rules, rewards and consequences clearly displayed to remind us all of what is expected.  Our 'treasure' box is a constant reminder to work towards our targets.
As a catholic school, prayer is an important part of each day. We  have prayers on display to help us remember the correct words to traditional prayers plus a range of different types to use. 
We spend some part of most days having a quiet reflective time to balance out busy investigative work.
We have number work on the wall to aid our memories and to display what we can do.  As well as using computer generated maths games, we have different physical ones out to use which also develops our social skills.
All our walls are covered with prompts so we can help ourselves learn including our key words wall, spelling rules, VCOP (a checking strategy) etc.
Our present science topic is always on display with an interactive investigation area so we can use and extend our knowledge. 
The current topic has the largest display area and has an examples of work from everyone and from most curriculum areas.
We have been learning how to keep ourselves safe and in control when using the internet.
To find out more information please click on the link below to take you to our class 3 page. 

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