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the mountain environment

Unit 15 The Mountain Environment

Key Questions


What is a mountain environment? Where are mountain environments found? – Lesson plans and resources

Database on world mountains
360 panoramic view from Mount Everest

Live webcam from Zermatt

An interactive atlas site – looks very useful

Global Eye – Focus on Mountains
Mount Everest

Photographs of Austrian Alps

If using Curriculum Vision series of books then visit

What are these places like?


Views of the Lake District

How does the weather compare in each of these places?

Lake District Weather


What effect does the weather have on tourism?

General mountain info


What effect will tourism have on the chosen areas?


What would I need to do to plan a camping holiday in this area?




Suggested resources

Examples of mountains as outlined in Curriculum 2000



Investigate a mountain environment, landscapes, location, activities in area ie jobs etc

Walks in and around Britain


Clothing required, time of year, weather conditions etc

 Winter – skiing


and other activities



Mountain Holiday travel brochures

Worksheets to compliment activity planning a mountain holiday Mountain Holiday

Equipment, resources, safety, local weather, mountain code